Wednesday, March 8, 2017

UFC Fighter Chas Skelly at Stradalli Cycle

Look who just stopped by to pick up his brand new Green Stradalli 650b MTB Trail Bike, UFC Feather weight fighter Chas Skelly!

Chas is 31 years old originally from Texas and just moved recently to Boca Raton for training; he is currently holding an impressive 17-2 UFC record. Chas also holds some UFC records such as fastest UFC submission and fastest UFC win turnaround. He currently training with Henri Hooft, and has chosen biking and swimming as a substitute instead of running to cross train for his fights. He prefers the lower impact workout on his knees and hips which cycling offers and plus he says he just loves to ride! Chas was so happy with his new Stradalli Carbon Bike he couldn’t wait to start his cross training. Thanks for stopping by Chas!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Last Week Recap

The past week was full of ups and downs but we still managed to have a great time out there racing and locking in some excellent podium finishes and here is our quick recap.
Starting with our Stradalli Pro road Team Riders racing at the Tour of Southern Highlands out of our 6 man team we had one sick rider leaving us with 5 who were ready to work for our “GC” Florence. We were off to a great start which was short lived during the Friday night critirium as one of our riders clipped a protruding barricade with his shoulder causing an early end to our chances of victory. Gladly no serious injuries as our team physician managed to get him checked out, and bandaged up ready for the Time Trial. No podium but our team learned a lot about teamwork and perseverance and pushed to the finish with three of our riders finishing in the top 20.

Sad news from one of our riders in the Dominican Republic who crashed at the Vuelta Dominica ending his chances of a podium finish but gladly suffered no major injuries.
Now good news with a Huge congrats to Jose Frank our Florida racer taking the gold medal at the Florida State Track Championships.

Our “German Boy” Peter took again another win at the collegiate race this weekend.

Meanwhile Our Miami road riders took top podium at another local Florida race.

Congratulations to the Stradalli MTB women riders who took both 1st and 2nd at this weekend’s race. 

Also Congratulations to one of our Younger riders Jonathan who made it to the top step this weekend.

Our resident MTB pro Bob McCarty took another top step this weekend finishing with another gold medal as expected.
But what we are most excited about is our 10 year old MTB rider Angel who rode to the win with a huge smile across the finish line taking another top spot finish with the gold medal. 

Congratulations everybody for their hard work and dedication we have another week of racing ahead and. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Great Weekend for Team Stradalli – Safetti Cycling

Our collegiatec boys did extremely well and won the road race with Peter Forester and got second and 5th in the crit also took the win with Andy Scarano at the Time Trial.

Our U23 Mountain biker Jonathan also won his first local Florida Road race, great success for just a cross training day :)

Our mountain biker Bob McCarty dominated winning the 6 hour solo race with best lap time and most laps
Our latin Miami boys Kiko and Yuniet del Toro took 1-2 at country walk
Marco and Tom did the 6 hour 2 man team mountain bike race and also won best team
Marco did most the work because Tom hit a tree and guess the tree won, see attached pics

Team Training

A Very Cold and Rainy Mountain Bike Race Great Turnout for Team Stradalli - Safetti Cycling 4 Racers

A very Cold and Rainy Mountain Bike Race Great Turnout for Team Stradalli - Safetti Cycling 4 Racers, 4 Podiums

Team Stradalli - Safetti Winning First 2017 Crit Race with German Sprinter Florenz Knauer


Teamwork (Boss is always watching)