Monday, August 22, 2016

Lechner with 3rd place in Rülzheim

Lechner with 3rd place in Rülzheim

Patrick Lechner sprints to the next podium for STRADALLI-BIKE AID.
Last nights criterium in Rülzheim Germany he could only be beaten by Marcel Fischer and Simon Nuber while Niko Holler team Stradalli- BIKEAID ranks 6th.

It was already late evening, under the floodlight of rülzheim that illuminated the Crit course with lots of corners, when Patrick Lechner stepped up again to the podium. He just finished 3rd in the criterium before and managed to fight against the two leading criterium-teams Möbel Ehrmann and Racing students who showed up with a squad of 8 racers .

After 15 laps in front of the pack, Patrick gained already lot of points and cash money that he could only be beaten in a hard final sprint by Marcel Fischer (Racing Students) and Simon Nuber (Möbel Ehrmann). A great result in a great race where Nikodemus Holler rounded the night up with his awesome 6th place.

Well done team Stradalli - Bikeaid 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Tour of China

Again to China - STRADALLI-BIKE AID receives invitation to tour of China (UCI 2.1)

Just back from China, it is time to prepare the bags again. STRADALLI – BIKE AID Procycling team receives invitation to this year's Tour of China in September.

After the team achieved many good results at this year's Tour of Qinghai Lake (UCI 2.HC) in last month, the guys can look forward to travel again to China. The organizing committee of Tour of China send an invitation to the 14 stage Tour of China that leads through that huge country in far east. The race is categorized in UCI class 2.1 and contains many sprint stages but as well couple of very hard mountain stages.

„We are very happy to receive this invitation to another high ranked and well organized stage race in Asia. This invitation shows also a kind of proof of our latest results and progress we did with this team. We are also sure that we will play again a good role especially in the sprint stages with our Sprinter Meron Teshome from Eritrea“ Yves Beau (one of the sporting directors) explained. 

The race takes part from September 09 to September 25. Grand Start is in Tianjin near Beijing.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Team Stradalli-Safetti Pro Cyclist Jose’ Frank Rodriguez

Team Stradalli-Safetti Pro Cyclist Jose’ Frank Rodriguez (Rep. Dominican
Republic) has been on one amazing ride. A Journey which began 2 years ago where he placed 3rd at the UCI Paralympics World Championship held in Greenville, SC. But the story doesn’t start there. Back In 2002 Jose’ was involved in a near death life changing car accident where his leg was badly crushed from the knee down.
A difficult decision, left Doctors almost having to amputate his Left leg from the knee; but with amazing medical technology they were able to save his leg while although still badly scarred and with limited movement; he still and has learned to be a top level pro cyclist with this handicap and still capture countless podium finishes with Non-handicapped riders all over the world and country. A testament to his hard work and a positive attitude; by not letting this otherwise life changing accident keep him from achieving his dream of bringing home a Gold medal for Team Stradalli-Safetti and his country at the Rio’ Paralympics Games in 2016.
Competing in roadrace , track and Time Trial , maybe its 3 podiums. He still has one big race left on his calendar which he considers“training”. The Clasico Cayey in Puerto Rico, August 17th-22nd   after
that it’s back to the D.R for some Intense Mountain Training and other local races from August 22nd to September 3rd. Then he will travel over to Brazil, September 7th-18th for the Rio’ Paralympics Games; which will be his final challenge to bring home the Gold Medal.

We will keep you updated on his success as we follow this travels.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Meron Teshome with great 2nd place on stage 11 at Tour of Qinghai Lake (UCI 2.HC)

After Meron has already showed the last two days with 2 times top 10 that he is in a promising shape, the whole team was motivated to step up with great results on today's stage. Knowing about the strength of the fast man from Eritrea, the team wanted to support Meron with no comprimise.

In the final of the stage the team led Meron out in a perfect position to start his sprint and he finished with a great performance only beaten by Jakub Mareczko from Italian Procontinental team Wilier Trestina. Marko Kump from World Tour team Lampre – Merida completed the podium on place 3, who already won 2 stages of this year's Tour of Qinghai Lake.

After taking this great result, Meron Teshome said with a big smile on his face: "today was a perfect day. The whole team comitted yesterday to work very hard to bring me in a good position and the guys did a great job. In the end I had the pressure to finalize the good work and to finish 2nd in such a big race with such great sprinters is just awesome".

National Elite Championship winners at Track Nationals

Friday, July 22, 2016

The guys from team STRADALLI – BIKE AID

At This year's race edition of Sibiu Cycling Tour, ranked 2.1. category in UCI calendar, led over a prologue and four stages with a lot of high climbing in the middle of Transylvanian mountains in Romania.
 The guys from STRADALLI – BIKE AID did a great job throughout the entire week and proofed their ability to act as a real competitive European top pro team.
On stage 1 it was Nikodemus Holler who took the place of the selected sprinter Patrick Lechner as he couldn't make it in the bunch to the finish line due to several technical issues , broken chain then after chasing back a flat front tire blow out on a fast decent . 
In the massive fast sprint Niko showed that he is a very smart pro racer and finished on 10th position not bad for a skinny GC guy next to the big sprinters.
The goal was to ride for Niko as a captain in the GC and the team showed that this should not only be a plan. As a 13 man break went away in the beginning of queen-stage number 2 over 213 Kilometers with a 15k finish to the top of a ski mountain , the gap increased rapidly as no team wanted to do the work of controlling the bunch. 
After the gap still increased and reached 11 Minutes, the guys from STRADALLI - BIKE AID took over the responsibility and chased the group down to six minutes at 40 Kilometers to go. But then a shock: crash! Niko Holler! His rear derailer is broken and also his knee injured! After a hard fight try back to the group and several times of stopping due to his pain, Nikodemus Holler finished in the last group and remained in the race with his 2 team mates helping to bring him slow but save.
All the hard work for nothing ?
No, he didn't want to let the work of his team mates being unpaid and fought back on stage 4 with another great 7th place. The whole team showed a good performance and the will to ride for his captain without a doubt. Only the crash has left a little scratch on a good picture of the week in Romania.